Directions from the West

– Highway 401 East to Weston Road

– North on Weston Road to Wilson Ave

– Right on Wilson Avenue to Jethro Street

– Left on Jethro Street to Torbarrie Road

– Left on Torbarrie Road

– FWC on the left

Directions from the East

– Highway 401 West to Keele Street

– North on Keele Street to Wilson Avenue

– Left on Wilson Avenue to Jethro Street

– Right on Jethro Street to Torbarrie Road

– Left on Torbarrie Road

– FWC on the left

Faith Worship Centre

41 Torbarrie Road

Toronto, ON M3L 1B4

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Our music is mainly a mix of contemporary Christian praise songs and traditional hymns led by a worship leader and a full band. The music is both slow and lively and meant to allow the congregation to stand up and take the time to glorify God.

Our music is mainly a mix of contemporary Christian praise songs and traditional hymns led by a worship leader and a full band. The music is both slow and lively and meant to allow the congregation to stand up and take the time to glorify God.

Most people that attend FWC wear what makes them feel comfortable. Some may want to dress up while others feel comfy being casual. So if you feel like a ball gown or a pair of jeans, rest assured that you’re welcome as you are and God sees your hearts not your clothes.

We sure do! Every Sunday our God Rockz Kidz Ministry offers programming for your children from age 2 through to age 12, though if you choose to keep them during service, that is cool too. They start out in the main service and join Children Church after our praise and worship service.

There is lots of room for parking. Our parking attendants are outside to help direct traffic flow and assist you find a spot if the lot gets crowded.

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Services Times

10:00 am: Sunday Morning Service

Our Story

In 1976 Dudley and Joyce were led by the Lord to start their own ministry in Toronto, Ontario, it was here they realized their mission and the beginnings of the bigger plans God had for them, as the Pentecostal Church of God had yet to have an ambassador for Christ within Canada. On February 24, 1977, the Pentecostal Church of God in Canada was established and Dudley and Joyce launched their ministry, Deliverance Temple PCOG, in the upper room of their house, the attic, with 12 members and PCOG Missionaries. With the growth of the congregation, the attic could no longer serve its purpose and they moved to a school, Pape P.S., while they raised funds to begin construction for a new building.

In the 1980s under the leadership of Dudley, construction began and a church was built at 89 Springview, Toronto, Ontario, and dedicated in September 1989. As the church continued to grow, souls were saved and the community was blessed with their outreach ministry. However, with all the successes of the church in this location, God had greater plans and the church began a building fund to build again. Over these years, while funds were being raised God began to use Dudley and Joyce to pioneer churches throughout Ontario with the development of the South Central Ontario District for PCOG and a National Office for the Pentecostal Church of God in Canada.

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In January 2005, God planted them at their present location, 41 Torbarrie Road and the church was later renamed Faith Worship Centre in 2010. With the vision of Dudley and Joyce, the leadership team, board and church family it was time for expansion within FWC and renovations for expansion began July 2010. We are currently in our second phase of renovations with plans to be completed by the summer of 2016. This construction continues without any bank financing, as through corporate unity and giving God has moved upon His people to build a place for worship.

Although, we may never know the exact plans God has for our lives, we do know that God’s purpose is for good (Jeremiah 29:11) and He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we can ever ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). We encourage you to embrace all that God has in store for you, as His desire is to give you a future filled with hope. Come and fellowship with us and experience God in a new way, as we, FWC, celebrate with thanksgiving all the blessings God has bestowed upon this church!

Dr. Dudley Bent

Bishop Dudley Bent is a native of Jamaica and came to Canada in his early twenties, hoping to run from the ministry to which God had called him to in a vision when residing in Kingston, Jamaica. However, while fellowshipping within Canada, God spoke to him again in a dream and this time Dudley Bent answered the call and in 1976 he was ordained by the Pentecostal Church of God. He stepped out in faith to start his own work, Deliverance Temple Pentecostal Church of God, now known as Faith Worship Centre (FWC). He is a passionate educator and preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He has a heart and compassion for people and understands that God has a plan and purpose for every individual. The essence of his ministry focuses on faith, worship, sound biblical teachings, and God’s impact and significance in each person’s life. Since 1991, he was elected as District Bishop for the South Central Ontario District and continues to be re-elected into office. Furthermore, since 2006, he was elected as the National Bishop of the Pentecostal Church of God of Canada.

Bishop Dudley Bent affirms what Hosea spoke in Hosea 4:6, “my people perish due to lack of knowledge,” as a result he founded and is currently the President of the Canadian Bible College and Seminary in affiliation with the School of Bible Theology, Seminary and University of California in 1991.

It is his mission to help teach, instruct, and produce men and women who have a sound knowledge of the biblical principles of the Word of God. He has received his Bachelors, Master’s and Doctorate in Divinity and is a certified counselor and psychotherapist, as he desires to reach, connect and identify with people in all aspects of their lives to let them realize that God is there for them. With his wife, Joyce Bent, of 50 years they pastor Faith Worship Centre and oversee the District and National offices of the Pentecostal Church of God of Canada. They have four children and two grandchildren who live in Ontario.

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Joyce Bent​ ​

Joyce , a native of Jamaica, is a teacher, spiritual leader, and motivational speaker. She is the wife of Dudley Bent and a co-pastor of Faith Worship Centre in North York, Ontario. Joyce has served diligently in ministry since her childhood and began ministering the Word in her late teens. As co-pastor, Joyce has developed a passion in a variety of areas within FWC specifically within the Women’s Ministries, Counseling Ministries, Hospitality ministries, and Christian Education.

God used her experiences and His teaching to anoint her to develop Christians that are empowered and equipped to fulfill God’s divine ordained purpose in their life. As a result, she is committed to helping women, children, youth, and families discover their purpose and experience transformation spiritually, economically, professionally and socially in accordance with the Word of God.

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is our core principle. Jesus said that “The greatest among you will be the least, and the least will be the greatest. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, even to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:43-45. Jesus spoke through word and deed to what leadership really means. He takes the world’s view of leadership and flips it upside down. Our desire is to serve, and our leaders are those who lead by serving.

Leadership Team

The Leadership at FWC has three groups; each accountable to the other two, serving under Christ, the head. The first being a Pastoral Team, consisting of pastors and elders who provide spiritual leadership and promote discipleship, and second, a Planning Team that serves in an executive leadership capacity, establishing the mission of the church and coordinating the strategy to accomplish this mission. The third group consists of Small Group Leaders, who, with their friends, serve and build meaningful community within the church. In addition, numerous volunteers serve within the church under these three groups.

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