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FWC Life Groups At Peoples Church in Toronto

Life Groups are community and interest driven groups that provide connections, relationships and a great time of fellowship and hanging out with others doing life together. Anyone can join one of our amazing Life Groups at any time. You do not have to be a member of Faith Worship Centre in order to join.

We encourage all of our Life Groups and leaders to reach outside the four walls of the church into their communities and workplace to invite family and friends to be a part of a Life Group.

Life Group FAQs

What do Life Groups do?
FWC Life Groups provide an environment for you to grow in your relationship with God and others.

Where do Life Groups meet?
FWC Life Groups meet all over the city in homes, businesses, parks and other meeting spaces.

When do Life Groups meet?
We at Toronto church Life Groups that meet each day of the week and different times throughout the day. Our Life groups meet within a semester calendar.

Spring: February ­ April | Summer: June ­ July | Fall: September ­ November

To learn more about our Life Groups of FWC church in Toronto, or to join a group Sign Up. If you are interested in leading a L ife Group, Click Here to apply. If you have any further questions please contact lifegroups@myfwc.ca

Email: lifegroups@myfwc.ca