Download PDF by Boris Chertok, Asif Siddiqi, National Aeronautics and Space: Rockets and People, Volume 3: Hot Days of the Cold War

By Boris Chertok, Asif Siddiqi, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

ISBN-10: 0160817331

ISBN-13: 9780160817335

Covers the background of the Soviet area software from 1961 to 1967.

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The Truman Doctrine was originally formulated as a policy to provide aid to the Greek and Turkish governments, who were seen as being under threat from local communists (in Greece) and Soviet pressure (in Turkey). S. leadership, however, refrained from starting a nuclear war. S. didn’t already have thousands of atomic bombs. According to American intelligence data, the Soviet Union was not ready for nuclear war. S. infantry was not capable of countering its Soviet counterpart. In the opinion of American analysts, the Soviet Army was capable of moving victoriously through Europe in two weeks and capturing all the American bases.

To lend their stories credibility, the reporters even provided the last names of the deceased cosmonauts. All of these revelations were unadulterated lies! This didn’t just happen in our country. , three years after the astronauts landed on the Moon, a book was published claiming that there had been no flight to the Moon. Supposedly it had all been television hocus-pocus—a performance staged at special secret studios. NASA rushed 1. Korabl-Sputnik, which literally means “satellite-ship,” was the generic name given to the Vostok precursor flights launched in 1960 and 1961.

Soviet cities might be destroyed, but European cities would be occupied by the Soviet Army. In 1949, the Americans had decisive superiority in long-range bombers and had already geared up for the series production of atomic bombs. S. S. leadership to implement policy from a position of power. At the same time, the Americans understood that an attempt to destroy communism on Soviet territory with an atomic bomb attack would run the risk of establishing communism over all of Europe and the Middle East.

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