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By H. Endo, H. Endo, R. Frey

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This booklet provides chosen works of up to date evolutionary morphologists and comprises such subject matters as vast scale reconstructions of the mind and ear of dinosaurs, inference of locomotor behavior from cancellous bone structure in fossil primates, and a comparability of the independently advanced manipulating apparatuses within the lesser and vast pandas. perception is supplied into the appliance of recent noninvasive applied sciences, together with electronic imaging ideas and digital 3D reconstruction, to the research of complicated anatomical good points and coherences. together with conventional equipment, this enables for the formula of better hypotheses on coordinated functionality and evolution. The construction of digital translucent specimens makes it attainable to gain the age-old dream of the classical anatomists: searching through the outside into the interior association of an organism. On complete reveal here's the dramatic and promising effect that smooth imaging strategies have on medical growth in evolutionary morphology.

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11. Deep musculature of the laryngeal region of a male Mongolian gazelle after removal of the omohyoid muscle. The larynx is connected to the sternum by the sternothyroid muscle and to the hyoid apparatus by the thyrohyoid muscle (see Color Plates, Fig. 11). The exceptional dorsoventral width and strength of the thyrohyoid muscle is not found in other ruminants. It inserts not only to the thyrohyoideum but also onto the basihyoideum (Fig. 11). In correspondence with the enlarged epiglottis of the male Mongolian gazelle, its hyoepiglottic muscle is also large.

The fibres fi of the ventricularis muscle insert onto the lateral surface of the arytenoid cartilage including the prominent arycorniculate ligament, up to the arcuate crest and rostral to the muscular process. The fibres fi of the vocalis muscle insert onto the lateral surface of the arytenoid 1. Sexual Dimorphism of Mongolian Gazelle A 11 B Fig. 12. The intrinsic laryngeal muscles of a male Mongolian gazelle: the most superfi ficial one is the cricothyroid muscle (A). After removal of the left half of the thyroid cartilage, the transverse arytenoid muscle, the dorsal and lateral cricoarytenoid muscles and the thyroarytenoid muscle are exposed.

LLV Man. sterni Mand. Meat. ac. M. aryt. transversus M. cricaryt. dors. M. cricaryt. lat. = = = = = = = = M. cricthyr. M. cut. fac. M. occiph. M. omoh. M. parotaur. = = = = = = = hyoid apparatus cricoarytenoid articulation cricothyroid articulation thyrohyoid articulation basihyoid tympanic bulla cervical vertebrae 1–5 arytenoid cartilage cricoid cartilage thyroid cartilage thyrohyoid cartilage infraglottic cavity laryngeal cavity ceratohyoid choanae caudal horn rostral horn epiglottis epihyoid fibroelastic pad insertion of omohyoid muscle insertion of sternohyoid muscle insertion of sternothyroid muscle nuchal ligament thyrohyoid ligament tongue lateral laryngeal ventricle sternal manubrium mandibula (dentary) acoustic meatus transverse arytenoid muscle dorsal cricoarytenoid muscle lateral cricoarytenoid muscle cricothyroid muscle facial cutaneous muscle occipitohyoid muscle omohyoid muscle parotidoauricularis muscle M.

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