Anansi and the Box of Stories: A West African Folktale by Stephen Krensky PDF

By Stephen Krensky

ISBN-10: 0822567458

ISBN-13: 9780822567455

The sky god Nyame retains all of the world's tales locked in a field. but when Anansi can trick the various earth's fiercest and fastest creatures, Nyame will percentage his tales. Will Anansi be triumphant?

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His story began long ago with the Ashanti people of Ghana. The Ashanti belong to a larger group called the Akan. Tales about Anansi spread to other West African regions. They then spread to islands in the Caribbean Sea and to North and South America. In some stories, Anansi is a spider. Sometimes he is a man who can climb and spin webs like a spider. But in all stories, Anansi is a trickster. A trickster is a character who uses tricks to do certain tasks. Tricksters also like to break the rules set by the gods or by nature.

Perhaps I can help,” said Anansi. “I see some long sticks here. ” said Osebo. ” 33 So Anansi put down the sticks. Osebo placed his paws on them. “The sticks are wobbly,” he complained. “I am doing the best I can,” said Anansi. ” Osebo crept up the sticks, keeping his head down. But when he was almost out, Anansi hit him over the head with a club. 35 Osebo groaned. Quickly, Anansi spun his strongest web string around the leopard and the sticks. ” Osebo roared. ” 36 “True enough,” Anansi admitted.

Thank you,” she said to the doll. The doll said nothing. “I said thank you,” Mmoatia said again. The doll remained silent. ” asked Mmoatia. “I have thanked you twice. And you will not answer. This is no way to behave. ” 43 Mmoatia grabbed the doll’s shoulder. She tried to pull her hand away, but it was held tight. She grabbed the doll with her other hand. SPLAT! Now Mmoatia was really mad. She kicked the doll with one foot and then the other. Both were then stuck as well. 44 Anansi stepped out from the bushes.

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