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By Robert H. Nelson

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Dried separated milk powder has an energy content as high as barley, and white fish meal almost as much as oats. The milk powder and the fish meal are classified as high protein feeds, whereas barley and oats are high energy feeds. In general the grouping of concentrate feeds is done mainly on a protein content, and it just so happens that the cereals, including maize, which are lowest in protein, have a relatively high energy content. Furthermore, it would be uneconomic to purchase high protein feeds, which are the most expensive, if all that was required was a high energy feed.

The caecum is comparatively reduced in ruminants and only poorly developed in the pig. e. it has become redundant) and is well known as the appendix. During the process of digestion, the body pours a large quantity of liquid into the alimentary tract. If this was lost from the body, the animal would rapidly become dehydrated. It is the function of the large intestine to reabsorb this moisture, and under normal conditions the faeces finally expelled contain only about 7 0 - 8 0 % moisture. In times of ill-health this function may be impaired and scouring may occur with considerable loss of moisture from the body.

Digestion and the Digestive System of Farm Animals 43 COMPARISON OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS IN FARM ANIMALS AND THE PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS (Fig. 1) Non-ruminants Pigs Of all farm animals, the pig has the simplest digestive system. It has a simple stomach (monogastic) followed by a small and large intestine, comparable to that found in man. The caecum is poorly developed. Obviously, the pig is not equipped for digesting fibre as there is no place in its alimentary tract where bacterial digestion can take place.

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