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By Marvin L. Astrada

ISBN-10: 0230100023

ISBN-13: 9780230100022

In a post-Cold conflict, post-9/11 international, the appearance people international supremacy ended in the deploy, perpetuation, and dissemination of an Absolutist defense schedule (ASA).  The ASA explicitly and aggressively articulates US nationwide protection as international security:  because the cave in of the USSR and the Sep 11 terrorist assaults, the USA has sought to unilaterally outline, enforce, and deal with systemic protection coverage. This paintings therefore probes the conceptual and empirical elements, dynamics, and consequentialness of the ASA on worldwide protection coverage and the process of states via utilizing serious research of the ASA vis-?-vis safety, terror, proliferation, legislation, and rogue states.

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51 Freedom, like power, is a complex and problematic state of affairs. There is no self-evident, objectively correct notion of “true” freedom. What qualifies as a “free” state of affairs? Does freedom involve the obligation to consume, a commitment to profit and materialism, an obligation to obey and stalwartly uphold the political, social, and economic imperatives of the state? In what manner is it proper to construe and define a universal notion of freedom? Under whose auspices is freedom legitimately articulated and implemented?

62 The international nature of the war on terror has produced an international hegemonic security agenda. Terror, in the abstract as well as empirically, becomes the all-encompassing enemy, creating centers of terror whose reach and significance are only limited by the inventive imagination of the hegemon. S. power, security policy, and interests are presented as munificent and indispensable for establishing the objective conditions requisite for perpetual global peace, freedom, and security.

Power in attempts to eradicate anything and everything that falls under the rubric of a polymorphous enemy. “Terror” is, therefore, signifier and signified, and it can be “found” in any form of (violent) resistance. Terrorism has historically been and continues to be a viable form of resistance by actors who are too weak to challenge a perceived threat or enemy. With 9/11, terrorism has apparently “changed,” in that the terrorists who committed the 9/11 attacks targeted the hegemon and brought their own deaths to bear in an effective, offensive manner, in the service of an intuitive strategic insight which is quite simply a sense of the immense fragility of the opponent—a sense that a [unipolar] system which has arrived at its quasiperfection can, by that very token, be ignited by the slightest spark.

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