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By José Lins do Rego

ISBN-10: 8503011913

ISBN-13: 9788503011914

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José Lins do Rego Cavalcanti (July three, 1901 in Pilar Paraíba - September 12, 1957 in Rio de Janeiro) used to be a Brazilian novelist so much identified for his semi-autobiographical "sugarcane cycle." those novels have been the root of movies that had distribution within the English talking global. in addition to Graciliano Ramos and Jorge Amado he stands as one of many maximum regionalist writers of Brazil. in response to Otto Maria Carpeaux (Brazilian literary critic), José Lins used to be "the final of the tale tellers". His first novel, Menino de Engenho ("Boy from the plantation"), was once released with trouble, yet quickly it obtained praised by way of the critics.

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José Lins do Rego tinha paixão por futebol e, neste romance, o leitor vai saber dos bastidores do jogo, os negócios rendosos, sua política e politicalha. Joca é o personagem vital, saído do inside do Rio de Janeiro, de origem extremamente pobre, acaba conseguindo fama e dinheiro no futebol carioca. A narrativa gira ainda em torno de três famílias de camadas sociais diferentes e seus destinos trágicos.

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