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By Alexander J. W.

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A) he was bored. B) Nog was his only real friend. Despite the combined efforts of his con- science and common sense, he couldn't convince himself that some weird alien egg was more important than either A or B. "Okay, I'm in. " Nog muttered gleefully. The boys rose quickly to their feet, bolted out from behind the girder, and nearly collided with a large Bajoran securi- ty officer. She was at least six feet tall, with firm muscles (and an impressive figure) visible beneath her brown uni- form. A stern expression seemed to have frozen on her face.

Kira held her breath. "Enemy's shields at eight-five per- cent," Dax said calmly. " Then, to Kira's surprise and disappointment, the Cardassian raider rotated horizontally until the rear of the ship faced the runabout. Warp engines flashed like prismatic lightning before her eyes and the Cardassians took off in retreat. " she asked Dax quickly. "The Cardassian border. " Everything in Kira's blood urged her to pursue the Cardassian ship, to hunt them down and make them pay for this unforgivable attack, to recover what they had stolen from the Federation and Bajor.

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