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By Abraham Lieberman

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A patient-oriented advisor to dealing with Parkinson affliction and the actual and emotional problems linked to the disorder.

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20. PD is progressive. What does this mean? PD is a slowly progressive disease, which means that the symptoms worsen with time. The earliest symptoms can be so subtle and vague as to be dismissed or taken for something else. When you and your family look back, you may see that the changes you thought were related to aging were actually part of PD. For l eb02 11/13/02 1 0 0 11:20 AM Q & A Page 45 A B O U T P A R K I N S O N D I S E A S E Tell Me More example, the stooped posture of PD may be taken as bad posture, or the softening of the voice may be taken as hoarseness.

Cerebellum the coordinating center in the brain. 30 The neurological examination has several parts. Rigidity is examined by testing muscle tone at your wrists, elbows, shoulders, and knees (and sometimes your hips) by holding the limb and moving it both slowly and rapidly. The testing of reflexes reveals much to a skilled examiner. Testing of strength or power provides more insight into how your nervous system works. Rapid movements are tested by asking you to tap your fingers to your thumb, to turn the palms of your hands up and down, to turn your wrists from side to side as though you’re screwing in a light bulb, and to move your feet up and down as though you’re walking.

People diagnosed with PD now live on average 15 to 25 years from diagnosis to death. The drugs postpone the day when people become confined to bed, and this, in turn, postpones the complications of being bed-bound. Antibiotics have improved. Skilled nursing care has improved. Air mattresses reduce the chances of bedsores developing. Special stockings can reduce blood clots from forming in the legs, and anticoagulants (blood thinners) can reduce the chances of blood clots breaking apart and traveling to the lungs.

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