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Servant leadership is our core principle. Jesus said that “The greatest among you will be the least, and the least will be the greatest. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, even to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:43­-45. Jesus spoke through word and deed to what leadership really means. He takes the world’s view of leadership and flips it upside down. Our desire is to serve and our leaders are those who lead by serving.

Leadership Team

The Leadership at FWC - The Peoples Church in Toronto has three groups; each accountable to the other two, serving under Christ, the head. The first being a Pastoral Team, consisting of pastors and elders who provide spiritual leadership and promote discipleship, and second, a Planning Team that serves in an executive leadership capacity, establishing the mission of the church in Toronto and coordinating the strategy to accomplish this mission. The third group consists of Small Group Leaders, who, with their friends, serve and build meaningful community within the peoples church in Toronto. In addition, numerous volunteers serve within the church under these three groups.

Pastors & Staff


  • Bishop Kurt Young

    Associate Pastor
    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 150
  • Christine Bent

    Director of Fresh Start, Co-Director of Hospitality | Young Adult Social Ministries
    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 217


  • Angellee Lubin

    VP of Operations

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 131
  • Seymour White

    Co-Director of Bus Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 250
  • Omar Ottley

    Director of Transportation/Bus Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 249
  • Dulice Simpson

    Co-Director of Seniors Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 248
  • Eleanor Young

    Director of Youth Choir

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 247
  • Estiban Lindsay

    Co-Director of Praise & Worship Ministries | Men of Integrity

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 246
  • Dione McKenzie

    Co-Director of Fundraising Ministries | Associate Director of Media Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 244
  • Monique Oyetakin

    Co-Director of Strategy

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 242
  • Ruth Taylor

    Co-Director of Ushers Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 241
  • Leonie Mullings

    Co-Director of Fellowship, Nurture and Care Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 240
  • Neville Blake

    Co-Director of Technician Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 238
  • Bryan DaCosta

    Co-Director of Technician Ministries | Bus Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 237
  • Clifton Staple

    Co-Director of Music Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 236
  • Sonia Blake

    Co-Director of Sunday School Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 235
  • Le-Anne Kerr

    Co-Director of Kidz Rock

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 234
  • Nathan Dunn

    Co-Director of Youth Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 233
  • Leslie Smith

    Co-Director of Men of Integrity

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 232
  • Christiana Walden

    Co-Director of Women’s Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 231
  • Suzette Blake

    Director of Strategy | Fellowship, Nurture and Care Ministries (FNC) Secretary  

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 230
  • Margena Phillip

    Director of Music Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 229
  • Omar Morris

    Director of Technician Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 228
  • Maxine Waite

    Director of Fellowship, Nurture and Care Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 227
  • Joylin Smith

    Director of Home Missions

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 226
  • Sharon Dunn

    Director of Praise and Worship | Prayer Ministries , Assistant Treasurer/Finance Officer

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 225
  • Andrea Eubanks

    Director of Singles Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 224
  • Enett Dryden

    Director of Young At Heart | Co-Director of Home Missions Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 223
  • Ann-Marie Harris

    Director of Sunday School

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 221
  • Garth Salmon

    Director of Men of Integrity | World Missions Ministries 

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 220
  • Nell Redley

    Director of Kidz Rock | Media Ministries | Fundraising Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 219
  • Theresa White

    FWC Treasurer | Director of Ushers Ministries

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 218
  • Dr. Vashti Mckenzie

    Director of Christian Education

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 245
  • Tricia Morris

    Director of Hospitality Co-Director of Marketing & Communications | Fresh Start

    T +1.416.249.7979 ext 216