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Young Adult Service

When you experience a service, you experience a passionate movement of young adults committed to a cause. You won’t be able to get to your seat without someone saying hi, treating you like a unique person. If you show up here alone, or if you bring out your whole crew, it doesn’t matter, FWC Ignite is for you!

Each of our weekly events are unique, but every night is filled with the presence of God, passionate and genuine worship, and relevant teachings. Every Tuesday night will give you an encounter with a real and personal God, the One True God who loves you more than you can imagine.

We are a generation of young men and women who are devoted to raising the bar with their speech, conduct, faith, purity and love. A movement of young adults who are sold out to the message and cause of Jesus

Event Details

Time7:00 pm
Location41 Torbarrie Rd.
Toronto, On
M3L 1B4
Nathan Dunn