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Financial Steward Ministry – The Peoples Church in Toronto

The Financial Steward Ministry presents spiritual teachings and application tools that are life changing, spiritually fulfilling and financially relevant to uplift and empower you to eradicate debt, build your wealth and discover the joy of giving. No matter where you are in your financial journey, it is never too late to take that first step.

No registration or fees required.

What is your passion?

  • Facilitate our Financial Ministry Classes or Small Groups?
  • Empower others to reach Financial Freedom?
  • Facilitate Financial Life Group?
  • Participate as Support in Developing, Marketing, or Technical?
Inquire today about joining our volunteer teams!
*Financial Ministry Volunteers are required to be licensed in their area of expertise.

About Financial STEWARD

The Bible has over 2300 verses on money and possessions. God’s Word includes principles on tithing, giving, wealth, work, planning, trusting, saving, investing, debt, borrowing, celebrating and much more. The FWC Financial Ministry at Peoples Church in Toronto provides teaching classes, workshops and one on one coaching.

Email: finance@myfwc.ca