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Online Transactions & Reporting:

How do I view everything I’ve given at FWC – Church in Toronto?
Please submit a request to our finance department or call 416-249-7979 ext 501 to speak with a member of finance department.

How do I get my giving receipts?
Every time you give, a transaction receipt will be sent via e-mail. You can also log into your account at anytime to view and print receipts and giving history.

Account Information:

How do I change my contact information?
Click here to send us an email. Please include current info along with what you would like to update.

Can I change my user ID ?
To change your username login and click on your profile.

Online Giving Functionality:

Can I make a one-time or a scheduled donation?
Yes. All of our online systems enables you to make either a one-time contribution or set-up a scheduled contribution that is scheduled to come out of your bank account or credit card at the time of month specified by you.

What if I want to change credit cards or adjust the date/amount of a contribution?
You can edit or delete a scheduled contribution at anytime. You can also change the credit card used, date, frequency, or amount.

How do I know if I set up my gift correctly or that the scheduled gift has been received each month?
When your contribution is processed through our online system, you will receive an email confirming the gift.

Is online giving secure?
Yes. We’ve taken steps to ensure that the giving process is safe and secure from beginning to end. All of your giving data is secured by a number of security measures including your web browser’s SSL encryption.

Can I give to a specific ministry?
Yes, if you are unable to find the ministry you are looking for, please contact them directly to arrange donation

General Stewardship & Giving Questions:

What is a Tithe? What is an Offering? In the Bible, a tithe is 10% of one’s income. An offering is when you give above and beyond your tithe, such as supporting other ministries and causes. What does my gift support?
Your gift enables FWC – The Peoples Church in Toronto to fulfill its mandate and vision. It also supports the operations of the church in Toronto and its ministries.

Are there any fees involved in online giving?
Faith Worship Centre’s pays a processing fee for all credit/debit card gifts made and a nominal fee for ACH gifts made. You do not pay any fees.

Can I give stock, real estate, appreciated securities or other non-cash gifts to FWC – The Peoples Church in Toronto?
Yes. Please contact the Finance Department at FWC for more information and assistance at (416) 249-7979 ext 501.

Can I give to FWC Toronto Church by check?
Yes. Please make checks payable to “Faith Worship Centre”. If mailing to FWC, send
Faith Worship Centre
ATTN: Accounting
41 Torbarrie Rd.
Toronto, ON M3L 1B4

Can I speak with someone about an issue with my online giving to Faith Worship Centre?
Yes! Contact us directly at 416-249-7979 or please send us an email a member of our finance department will respond quickly.