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IGNITE | By: Michael Grant

Friday, April, 8, 2016

In today’s society, we can see a growing need for the spiritual and physical health of our youths. Society today has many challenges and distractions, which have impacted the youths in many areas of their lives. Ignite Ministry strives to walk with young people of every ethnicity, on their journey from childhood to adulthood. We also provide the following:

– A church environment where youths and young adults are welcome, nurtured and supported both personally and spiritually.

– Programs and opportunities that develop and encourage worship and spiritual growth in a fun and Godly way.

– Opportunities for to gather in faith and friendship, in the community locally, regionally and nationally.

– Opportunities where youths and young adults can participate within the church.

– Create and encourage pastoral care for youths and young adults, especially in times of challenge, change and crisis.

In Proverb 22 v 6: Parents have been given the privilege of being stewards of their children’s lives for a short time, but the teaching and training they provide is eternal.According to the promise of Proverbs, a child who is diligently trained in the “way he should go” will remain true to that way in this life and reap its rewards in the next.

For more information , please email ignite@myfwc.ca